Ottertail Nighttime Walleye Fishing Guide

My Walleye Fishing Expertise

My Walleye Fishing Expertise is Your Ticket to a Wonderful Fishing Adventure

My Walleye Fishing ExpertiseMy walleye fishing expertise. Hello, my name is Don Coury. I have fished for walleyes for over forty years in Minnesota and in other parts of the country. In the winter months, I fish the ocean on South Padre Island in Texas. Then, I return to ice fish in Minnesota. Over the last ten years, I have lived on Ottertail Lake. I have found this lake to be one of best nighttime walleye fishing lakes in Minnesota.

How Ottertail Nighttime Walleye Fishing Expertise Can Benefit You I know Lake Ottertail. I know the eating habits of the walleyes at night. I have made nighttime walleye fishing my fishing specialty.  My knowledge of the lake, my experience with walleye fishing at night will provide you with the best opportunity to catch more and bigger walleye fish. You will have lasting memories of your fishing trip with Nighttime Walleye Fishing Guide Services on Ottertail Lake.

Nighttime fishing in Ottertail

My walleye fishing expertise will make your fishing trip fun and enjoyable. Beyond my expertise, I love working with men, women and your family members. Whether you are experienced or less experience, it makes no difference. All guests are welcome to create a lifetime fishing memory.

Don thanks for sharing your years of experience and putting us on to the fish. Fishing at night was something new to my kids (12 &15) and me. You made it so much fun for them that they are still talking about it. If you want to catch big walleyes, I recommend Don. Thanks again Don for everything. Jason G.

Learn from my Walleye Fishing Expertise

When you book a trip for nighttime walleye fishing on Ottertail Lake, you will learn many of my fishing tactics. No question will go unanswered. You will take away many walleye catching tips that you can use in years to come.

If you want to learn walleye fishing from an expert and creating a wonderful fishing memory that will last a lifetime, contact me.

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