Ottertail Nighttime Walleye Fishing Guide


Nighttime Walleye Fishing on Ottertail Lake

Are you looking for a unique walleye fishing experience that will build a lifetime memory? You have to try Ottertail Walleye Nighttime fishing.

From Don Coury, walleye fishing guide. “Ensuring you have a wonderful walleye fishing experience is my goal. It is about helping you build a beautiful fishing memory.”

Ottertail Night time walleye fishing

Why Nighttime Walleye Fishing for Your Unique Experience?

With their large eyes, walleyes have excellent vision and prefer to feed in darkness. Their big eyes are sensitive to light. Their night vision provides them an advantage over their prey. Walleyes love to feed at night.

At night, walleyes hit the lures with force and put up a great fight. Trophy walleyes are more plentiful. Moreover, with the lack of competition from daytime boaters, you are more likely to catch more and bigger fish.

Don is a first class guided and has excellent knowledge of Ottertail Lake. He put me on the spots for great walleye fishing. Great boat and amazing electronics. Thanks Don for a great fishing trip. I will be back soon. Tom G.

Beauitful Introduction to Walleye fishing

What is Unique about Ottertail Lake?

The best walleye live in lakes that are large and deep with clear waters. Lakes such as these are home to plentiful bait-fish that walleyes love. Because the food in plentiful, deep lakes like Ottertail, allow the walleyes to grow in size and are easier to catch at night.

Ottertail Lake is my home, giving me an edge on following the walleyes through the constant changes in feeding habits at nighttime. This gives you the opportunity for more and bigger fish.

Ottertail Nighttime Walleye Fishing

Unique Walleye Fishing Experience

Unique Walleye Fishing Experience

How Does This Unique Walleye Fishing Experience Work?

Depending upon the conditions, I will pick you up at one of three public accesses on Ottertail Lake. Based on the time of the year, we will cast either in the shallows, troll specific areas or fish with live bait. I will supply all of the rods and reels needed, along with a snack and non-alcoholic beverages.

When Can You Enjoy Your Unique Walleye Fishing Experience?

I provide guided nighttime walleye fishing adventures between mid-May to November, Fishing is between the hours of 9:00 to 1:30 AM.

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